Thursday, May 3, 2012

crazy daisy or spring blossom?

hello, all! this is my first post with the pyrex collective (though i have been a follower and admirer for awhile!). i'm also quite new to pyrex collecting. i live in a small community in manitoba and we only have one thrift store at our disposal so nearly all of my pieces actually come from one central source, if you can believe that! i started collecting about one year ago and have amassed a nice little starter collection for myself. it's pretty eclectic but i just love finding new pieces each time i go to the thrift store. i look forward to sharing more pictures in future posts.

what prompted my first post today was because i picked up the piece pictured below. i have been wanting to build on this collection for awhile now and i was stoked to see this 401 piece for $3.00 (like many of you, i have seen prices begin to skyrocket on pyrex pieces!). it is in pretty good condition too! so, my question is (since i am new to all this): is this collection called "crazy daisy" or "spring blossom"? i have seen both names referring to the same pieces and now i don't know which one is the official name.

my second question to you would be, are the pieces i have pictured below also from this same collection? as best as i can tell based off of some mediocre internet research, they are, but i figured i'd ask all of you pyrex experts to help. :)

(you can find my blog here. it's not pyrex-focused, but rather focused on a 365-project i'm working on. however, i did dedicate one post to pyrex not long ago--found here).

happy pyrex hunting!


  1. For sure the cups are spring blossom.

    Here is a little about the name(s).

  2. I've always known that pattern to be called Spring Blossom Green.
    And your 043 casserole is most likely from the Verde collection.

  3. Welcome!! I love the green Pyrex, one of my absolute favorite patterns!!

  4. It is Spring Blossom Green. =) And I agree with LuluBelleVintage, the casserole looks like is it a Verde piece. Beautiful pieces! -Ashton

  5. My understanding is that "Crazy Daisy" is an invented name for "Spring Blossom"

  6. thanks for all your comments! you have put the "crazy daisy"ness to rest. :) and, thanks for pointing me towards the "verde" collection, as well. that one was a new one to me. i look forward to posting more pictures in the future and getting them correctly identified too!

  7. There was a Corelle pattern that matched Spring Blossom Green, and it was called "Crazy Daisy." That's where the confusion comes from sometimes! But there are two Spring Blossom patterns...this one (Spring Blossom Green) and another called Spring Blossom.

  8. I've never seen a box with CRAZY DAISY on it.

    Mrs. Trophy Wife - I'm just curious, what pattern is it you are speaking of? If it's the one pictured above, it too is called Spring Blossom Green - not Crazy Daisy.

    And there is no Corelle pattern listed on the discontinued list of patterns on the official Corelle site:

    Just want to clarify as I do not believe there is a Crazy Daisy pattern.

  9. And I'm just curious again, I've never seen a box that hasn't said just "Spring Blossom" - has anybody else?

    I have only ever seen "Spring Blossom Green". Can someone show me a box, or what specific piece(s) are allegedly "Spring Blossom" as opposed to "Spring Blossom Green"?

    I have many pieces of Spring Blossom Green and would like to know more about what I am collecting while we are on the subject!

    - Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  10. My Pyrex book shows both Spring Blossom and Crazy Daisy. Crazy Daisy does not have the Four-leaf design as shown on your bowl.

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