Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pyrex Abuse! Trade Not As Expected, BUT...

You know about that Pyrex trade I told you about yesterday? I was trading a Butterprint medium sized fridgie with lid for a large yellow primary fridgie with lid. Well, it didn't quite go as expected.

The day before my friend had mentioned that she was working to get some goop off of the dish I wanted. I have seen pieces that she has worked miracles on in the past, so I wasn't too worried.  When I arrived she held the dish up with a confused look and stated that she had done what she could, but something odd was up with this dish. I ran my hand along the side of the yellow fridgie and it felt bumpy, but from arms length, looked clean. What was up with this dish?

Upon closer inspection, it looked like someone had tried to dip the Pyrex in some sort of clear lacquer. What the heck people!! The entire dish, minus the inside and lid, was like this. Another case of Pyrex abuse. :(

All was not lost, however, I still traded the Butterprint fridgie for a Snowflake Garland loaf pan. This isn't a pattern I typically collect, but I bake my own bread weekly and wanted a vintage Pyrex piece for this purpose. It is my first Snowflake, my first vintage Pyrex loaf pan, and it is in MINT condition.

Oh yeah, it is pictured with my friends newest 'rex acquisition, a pink Desert Dawn loaf pan in beautiful condition. She collects pink Desert Dawn. So pretty isn't it?

She then showed me these green round Cinderella casseroles, and again, in superb condition!

I asked "Where the heck are you finding all this Pyrex in immaculate condition!?" She replied, "My uncle is sleeping with the thrift shop owner and she holds back the good stuff for him."

OMG! I immediately put in a request for a new yellow refrigerator dish!



  1. wow....she's got the hook up (kinda literally-ish)
    i keep considering a part time job at the thrift just for the pyrex. LOL

  2. I volunteered at the Goodwill where I used to live for 2 days, hoping that I would find all of the good stuff. Ummm, no! Not that I am bitter about volunteering, it was kind of fun. I am mad because there is a lady who works there that picks up all of the Pyrex that comes in. She evens takes the DWD, abused, and chipped pieces. I'm glad that I found out though so I didn't waste anymore time looking for Pyrex there.

    1. My Mom used to work for Goodwill the company. In one of their community outreach programs they train people who are in hard times how to work in an office so they can make a better living. She knew how the company worked because of this. You're not supposed to buy anything if your an employee until a week has passed. You're not allowed to set stuff aside for people. You're most certainly not allowed to hoard crap like that. You should have just reported her! lol

  3. LOL..who knew! I found a couple of pieces of "rex" at the thrift store and have no idea about them. I'll show them soon in a post and maybe you can name them for me!
    Thanks for the visit...(my tongue grows back everytime!) LOL!

  4. LOL so that's the secret I need to overcome by Pyrex drought!

  5. This may be a dumb question, but what does DWD stand for?