Monday, March 19, 2012

Thrifting With a Friend

Small Spring Blossom
A couple weeks ago my friend Heather, who blogs on Pyrex II and Lark and Lola, and I decided to spend the afternoon thrifting. (We also stopped in at a local crafting store.) We went to 6 thrift stores. This is all that I found. I seriously think there is a Pyrex drought around here. 

These two yellow Daisy bowls were just what I needed to finish off my set. I was so bummed to find them in such terrible condition.

Not only did we pass on these pieces, but they were the only Pyrex pieces we saw besides the little Spring Blossom that I purchased. Here's to hoping that this drought ends soon. Bring on the summer!


  1. Oh it still makes me sad to see those beautiful Daisy bowls! So abused and alone...

    Let's go thrifting again soon, okay?

  2. Isn't that such a bummer? I need a 403 turquoise to finish my set and the only one I've found is a very abused one sitting at an antique mall. Poor thing. It's overpriced and still sitting there. I hope you find your pieces soon! And yes, thrifting with friends is always the best.