Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recent Finds

Spring Blossom 045 and White 501
Last week, my children and I stopped by 4 thrift stores on our way to church. There was only Pyrex to be found at one store. We were a little bummed, but were excited to find these pieces.

Spring Blossom 045
I just love the spring blossom print. It must have something to do with the fact that I grew up with a few pieces in my parents' house. Anyway these oval casseroles are a favorite of mine. I really love the bigger 045 since we have a large family it definitely works well for us.

White 501
Fridgies are also some of my favorite finds, so when I spotted this little guy on the shelf I was pretty excited. That's all we found for the week. Perhaps that is a good thing. It's good on the pocket book. :)


  1. I saw these pictures and I thought, "Hey Jan takes beautiful pictures like this! ...Oh wait...this is Jan..."

    Trade you a milk glass fridgie for a Butterfly Gold fridgie??? :-D

  2. Ha Heather! I thought the same thing! And then I thought, "Did she get a new table?" but no, just a different setting :)