Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Floral Bubbles or Danish Floral" promotional casserole

Hi fellow Pyrex lovers!  I'm new here!  I started collecting Pyrex in the beginning of college about 15 years ago.  My mom bought me one Snowflake space saver covered casserole (because I loved snowflakes) and it started a collecting passion for me.  Mostly over the years, I have only stuck to collecting Snowflake and Snowflake Garland (AKA Snowflake Blue) patterns.  This year, I have branched out a bit with the help of my mom and sister to start collecting Spring Blossom and a few other random pieces that capture my attention.
I live in a very rural part of eastern Washington state.  We have a Walmart (Walley World as we like to call it) and a Safeway in our town and that is it!  We literally have 4 stop lights in our entire town.  I do enjoy thrifting and garage saling when I can and living in a farming/wheat land area of the state means you can find some neat vintage and antique finds if you try hard enough:)
I only went to ONE garage sale this weekend and again, branched out of my typical collecting character to purchase this "Floral Bubbles" (AKA "Danish Floral") covered casserole with a burner!  It was on a half off table of a garage sale marked down to $4 for the whole set!  It looks as if it was hardly ever used!  The lady I purchased it from, said it was her sisters, who was also selling a few "Old Orchard" pieces and some very fun retro 60's and 60's fondue pots and kitchen ware. 
I had no knowledge of this casserole and still don't really know much about it.  I figured it was somewhat rare because in all my years of collecting, I did not remember ever having seen it before.  Now that I have done some research online, I read on Pyrex Love that they believe it is a promotional casserole that did come with the burner set.  It is a 045 and 2.5 qt in size. 
Does anyone else have any more information on this piece?

I had just picked up these retro Owl knits at a nearby thrift store for about $1 a peice.  I think the fall colors and patterns go nicely together! 
I to have my own blog where I write about another passion of mine, the holidays.  It is called The Happy Holiday Girl blog.  Stop by anytime!
Looking forward to being a part of this Pyrex blog, sharing finds and cheering for others!


  1. The pot holders go perfectly with it! ♥

  2. What a great find! I've never seen that one out in the world, only online. And the potholders...crazy cute!

  3. I've never seen one of those, either. Great find. I hope you get some answers because I'm really curious about the history of that piece. Nice owls, too! Amy

  4. According to (my go to site for pattern names and descriptions) this is an unnamed promotional. They dubbed it however, Floral Bubbles. What an amazing find!

  5. I just found this set yesterday myself & I am SO excited about it!