Thursday, September 20, 2012

Orange Harvest Wheat Casserole

I check the local thrift shops frequently and haven't found anything for a couple of weeks.  I was getting ready to leave the local Goodwill empty handed this afternoon after going up and down each glassware aisle three times each.  Something told me to look around some more, so while digging around in some wire basket shelving in the furniture area I found this under some curtains and stuff.

Harvest Wheat 1.5qt casserole
This is my first piece of this pattern and I love the rich orange of it (the picture doesn't do it justice).  It has either seen very little use or was very well taken care of.  The color is beautiful with no scratches (except one on the bottom) or fading, and it was the normal price for this Goodwill $3.25.  Now I need to find a lid.


  1. This is my favorite pattern! I love the orange. :)

  2. The orange of this pattern is so deep and rich. Good use of Pyrex radar. ; )

  3. I love it. I am looking for something in that pattern for serving veggies at Thanksgiving.

  4. I honestly didn't like that pattern much when I first started collecting, but now I think it is so pretty!! Great find! I love that you just KNEW there was something else to be found :-)