Sunday, September 9, 2012

A great day for Pyrex!

Hi all, SusieQT here from Practice in Time! I can't believe this is my second post in a little over a week here talking about promotional Pyrex- it's been good shopping around these parts lately.

Yesterday, I went with my pal MaryDeluxe to my first ever auction! It was kind of a weird set of circumstances, as I actually knew the lady whose estate was being auctioned off and ended up buying a bunch of her vintage clothing for my Etsy shop. The lady had been a hoarder (she wasn't really that bad yet when I met her 30 years ago) and also had a ton of crap in boxes. I ended up buying a bunch of box lots and came home with some cheap Pyrex.

I bought one box for $3 which contained the yellow and green primary mixing bowls, plus my first ever pink fridgie! The bowls are definitely one of the older sets of primary, with the round stamp on the bottom. The yellow bowl has a '48' right above the PYREX stamp, and the green has a '24'- does anyone know if this is earlier or later than the round stamp without the #?

The fridgie is a 502 with an old style lid. It's in great shape, and except for a 1 qt pink gooseberry casserole is the only pink Pyrex I own. I am so excited to have found it!

After we got done at the auction I took MaryD to my favorite thrift store, or as she aptly named it "Thrift Store Mecca". Since it was late on a Saturday afternoon, most of the good merch had been pretty well picked over, but we did come away with some neat stuff. This is the same thrift store I found the "Vintage/Grapes" promo casserole in my last post here.

After passing up some of the same items as last time (set of Woodland bowls for $$$, misc. Butterfly Gold for $$) I found this Black Rooster promo dish with its cradle for $6.50. To me, that is pretty reasonable and since this pattern is so closely related to Butterprint (it came out in the same year- 1958) I scooped it up. The handles on the cradle are cork, which I haven't ever seen.

I have never had a piece of black Pyrex before either, so I had to take a photo of the happy couple!


  1. Good finds! I love days like that!

  2. What great luck- $3! Fabulous additions to your collection!

  3. ohhhhhh those are awesome! I have not found a fridgie yet!