Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is this Pyrex?

Guess I need some help.
This bowl sure looks like and feels like Pyrex.

It's plain white and is not marked,
other than  a number 11 on the bottom.

I've never owned any Pyrex that wasn't marked,
and don't know if they made any this way.

I get too much glare to photograph the bottom.

Could it be a mixer bowl?

I did browse them online awhile, but the shapes were different. 
This bowl shape is the exact shape of the typical mixing bowls.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, Pam


  1. That's a Pyrex opal bowl. As far as I've researched, they were only made in 1954. I have a set and none of them are marked. That's kind of how the opal mixing bowls are identified, with no mark. Marked opal looking ones are colored ones that have been dishwashered to death. I think the 11 is just an insignificant lot #. They're pretty bowls. Enjoy!

    1. Nicole, THANK you so much! It had such a Pyrex look and feel, but I didn't know about Pyrex opal bowls. Really appreciate the information, & I will enjoy it! Pam