Friday, April 13, 2012

My Collection!

Hello again!

Here are the long awaited images of my Pyrex collection, just ready for your enjoyment!

General overview of the main shelf, Pyrex is on the first and second shelves. Mostly Corelle on bottom shelf, but there is a hidden piece of Pyrex that will be shown in a seperate picture.

Set of Old Orchard Casseroles (middle one missing lid) was nabbed for $7.50 (set!) at my favorite thrift, the small Early American bowl was from the 25 cent sale, the Town and Country casserole was also from the 25 cent sale, the Early American casserole was $1.50 at an Amish thrift shop, the Spring Blossom/Craisy Daisy casserole was $2.50 at my favorite thrift, the red oval baker was from the 25 cent sale, the two turquoise were nabbed for $3.00 (w/lid) and $2.00 (no lid) from a friend's estate sale.

The Verde casserole was $2.50 at my favorite thrift, the Golden Acorns casserole is from the 25 cent sale, the Fire King primrose bowl was 50 cents, the Glass Bake yellow casserole was 75 cents (garage sale), the set of 2 Fire King Swirl bowls was $5 at an estate sale, and the two little Pyrex blue bowls were 25 cents (garage sale) and 50 cents (my favorite thrift)

Early Pyrex glass casserole in metal holder, from an auction, $1

Stack of Pyrex fridgies! Red and Yellow are from a garage sale - $5 each, the pink one was 50 cents from a garage sale, the Early American was 75 cents from a garage sale, the small Fire King with the handpainted rose was 50 cents at a garage sale, the pretty pitcher, the shaker set, and the jadite bowl were from an auction lot, the early Pyrex fridgie (Philbe) is from another auction lot, and the Fire King grease jar was a gift from a friend.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection!

Please feel free to comment, I just love reading comments!

Yours cordially,



  1. Now that's thw way to buy Pyrex - at great low prices!!! You've gotten some great deals on some great pieces - hope you find lots more!!!

  2. Those are some fantastic finds and prices to be proud of! Love your collection. My best finds are from my mom who "picks" for me at Estate sales.