Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shades of Beige

I haven't had tons of luck thrifting Pyrex since my big New Dots score. Recently, it's been a bunch of lids with no matching counterparts and the occassional coffee mug. I'm trying to stay away from buying up random plates and mugs as I have already amassed quite a bit of Pyrex. I'm scared of running out of room by filling my house with little pieces here and there.

I'm pretty sure both my boys are sick of thrifting with me. We've been almost every day in the past couple weeks and have found nothing.

(Christmas PJs in April. Epitome of coolness.)

Today, however, I drove a good thrifty minutes away from our usual haunts and stumbled on some well-hidden thrift stores. I managed to snatch up a set of Woodland bowls (though, one is a Cinderella and one a nesting bowl), and two casseroles. Being relatively new to Pyrex, I had never seen the casserole dishes prior to today.

The set of two bowls was $8.00.

This beauty is the Golden Branch or Hospitality Casserole, according to Pyrexlove. It was made in 1959. It's a round casserole dish and it came with the matching lid. According to Ebay and Etsy, it doesn't seem particularly popular. I'm not sure why because it really it pretty, but I guess most people love the bright colors better. It was $6.00.

This one is the Regency Lidded Casserole. Apparently it's supposed to come with a cradle and was a promotional piece in 1965, though I haven't found much about it. It's very formal, don't you think? Again, it doesn't seem to be particularly popular, but I don't mind. I bought it to keep rather than sell anyway! It was $6.00, too. That price seems to be pretty standard for thrift stores around these parts.

I think this weekend I may try to tackle a few yardsales. I've avoided them so far because getting both the babies out early enough on the weekends is kind of tough, but since the thrift stores seem to have dried up, they may be my only luck! Hope y'all have some lovely Pyrex luck this week!

Sally @ Exploits of a Military Mama


  1. I really like the designs on these. And your boys are adorable!

  2. Thank you! I think they are pretty darling, too :) The boys of course. But the designs are fun!

  3. YAY!! Great finds!! :) How close in age are your boys?

  4. The boys are twenty months apart. We have our hands full, but it is too much fun!