Friday, April 20, 2012

new pyrex pleasing display

This looks good, right? 

There is a small problem with this, though.


This was my old shelf ("old" meaning I got it at the beginning of the year) I had to display my beautiful Pyrex.

My husband and I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere near fitting my whole collection on this shelf.

Big surprise, huh?

See what my husband surprised me with?


Meet my new shelf and display!! I fit almost all of my Pyrex on this shelf (there are two cradles and my everyday use Pyrex missing), and I still have room to add more! That is if I can find those few elusive pieces I'd love to add.

This was only half of my turquoise added to the shelf. My husband was worried it all wasn't going to fit.

I assured him I was excellent at Pyrex stacking.

There are a few more photos over at froog and doog if you wanted to check them out.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Your collection is so beautiful!

  2. Beautiful collection!!!

  3. Soo lovely! Looks straight out of a magazine!

    Sally @ Exploits

  4. Amazing collection! Love your shelf. Hmmm, does it come in a larger size for when you add more Pyrex? LOL!

  5. Thanks everyone! I love how it turned out. This is definitely my art:) I think this is the biggest size the shelf comes in, but I don't plan on adding too many more pieces to the collection. There are the few promotional pieces that are hard to find in the wild, so it might take awhile to find. I don't buy online anymore.