Friday, April 20, 2012

An Embarrassment of Riches

After reading my sob story about the Pyrex that got away, Anna of The Victory Garden (and also here) let me know that I could come by and check out the Pyrex she was planning to sell.

Here is the part where words fail me. That much pristine, shiny, practically flawless Pyrex at once was SO MUCH FUN. Another huge thanks to Anna for giving me first dibs (and an awesome deal) on her lovely stuff!

A stack of  lovely plates with a lime-green band. 

A couple of orphan plates that I decided to take at the last minute. I know my girls will delight in the pink plate with gold trim (I'm thinking of using it as a birthday plate). As for the top plate (Grecian or Bluegrass?), I actually said to Anna, "Oh, that's so CUTE." Apparently, vintage Pyrex reduces me to a tween, language-wise.

The Blue Floral casserole (SO PRETTY--the picture doesn't do its perfect condition justice) and a glossy opal pie dish. 

A Spring Blossom mug (I already have the tea cup, so that completes my personal mug/tea cup goal) and a Spring blossom casserole to add to my little display of small, pretty Pyrex). 

And finally, I bought the little yellow Cinderella bowl at the top of the stack to complete my set of Daisy Cinderella bowls.

It's a feast for the eyes around here. And for the final touch: 

New Dots. $2.29 at the thrift store up the street from our house. Make no mistake--it's scratched and nicked. But the white of the bowl is shiny and the dots are pretty vibrant--I don't think this bowl has been through the dishwasher. I never expected to even see a New Dots in person, much less own one, so $2.29 seemed like a pretty great deal.

Thus ends this particular Pyrex saga.

Have a great weekend!
Margaret Ann


  1. Oh, you are too kind! I am so happy you are enjoying all of your new pieces!!! And also EXTREMELY JEALOUS that you found New Dots! I've only ever found 1 lone Dots bowl, boo hoo. ;)

  2. That's awesome! I love being in the same room as other Pyrex appreciators lol, it's so much fun!

  3. Yee haw!! What a great start to the weekend!