Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What are YOU trying to hide, Goodwill???

Well, Wednesday I was trying to waste some time before my interview. I'm entering the workforce again, and trying to get a job back at the school I used to teach at. (which is a lot harder than I thought it would be, by the way). Luckily, there was a GW right. next. door
And this is what I found. I LOVE the 2 1/2 QT casseroles, and I have three other butterfly gold pieces.

Of course, GW had this puppy taped up all around the lid (which I HATE...always scared the paint will come off when I'm carefully peeling the layers of tape)

So, when I removed the tape and flipped the lid...this is what I found:

DUN DUN DUNNNnnnnnnnn...

A HUGE chip. I mean the pic doesn't do it justice...it's awful. I paid $6.99 for the dish, because, like I said, I love this size dish, but I would have TOTALLY asked for a discount had I seen this monster.

Has this ever happened to you? Drives me batty. (still waiting to hear if I got the job)

Happy Hunting, Jenny from thetoddlerwhisperer


  1. Yes, this has happened to me, on a turquoise snowflake space saver. I was heartbroken, but what can you do?

  2. I might would take it in and see if they will give you a credit or something. Worth a shot!

  3. That is not cool. I wonder if they even paid attention when they taped it?

  4. I haven't had exactly this happen, but I did one time buy a set of spring blossom mixing bowls that seemed to be in flawless condition til I got them home and started peeling off the five million price tags (can you tell it was Goodwill?), and found beneath one of them a lovely little chip right in plain view on the rim of the 401. It was obviously done on purpose. I should have taken them back and complained, but I'm not assertive enough.

    1. Yes, I've noticed they place price tags on cracks and chips. grrrr...

  5. I don't like it when I can't check all the surfaces so I peel one side of the tape off so I can see the inside. If I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it, I've even slit the tape with a small knife I carry in my purse so that I can thoroughly check it.

    Also you have to be careful with their darn tape because I've had it peel the gold leaf off some decorative lids. It really should be soaked off when you get home.

  6. All our GW uses grease pencils, so no hiding cracks & chips with price tags.

    Here they tape them up not to hide chips, but to keep the lids in tack. I would hate to come across a piece only to see someone else walking around with the lid! Or worse - the lid crashed & broken on the floor. I always slit or peel the tape if I am going to buy it.

  7. I just bought this piece tonight, BTW at Value Village - chipless & near mint for $4.99.

  8. I know it's probably too late for this, but does your Goodwill do returns? Here in WA, you have seven days to return the item (for cash or sometimes back on your debit card). Of course, the usual things can't be returned (books, cds, records, electronics, and probably a couple other things--the list is on a sign by the cash register). I LOVE being able to return things--sometimes I'll try something on at home and realize that it's not a good fit, or come to my senses about a beyond-saving piece of furniture, or even--gasp!--return Pyrex that I've decided I can do without.

    Goodwill is kind of on my villain list right now for their suspected Pyrex-hoarding and ridiculously high prices, but I've also seen them sell things that are clearly chipped and even cracked without sticking price tags over the flaws, so it's probably a store-by-store thing.

    Sorry about your chip, though!