Friday, April 20, 2012

Come to me, promotional Pyrex.

I've actually had pretty good luck with Pyrex lately, though some of my finds have been Ebay/Etsy that I got on the cheap...which, I guess, don't really count in the thrill of the hunt aspect. But since we are getting ready to move, I haven't unpacked anything that was shipped to me. I know it's risky and that the sellers could be screwing me over, but I try to hold them up to the light and peer through the bubble wrap to see how they are. I've felt pretty good about the pieces so far, so here's hoping I'm not disappointed when we unpack them.

However, I did remember to snag a picture of this promotional piece of Pyrex before packing it. It was sitting all alone on the shelf of my "pricey" thrift store in town.


This is a "new to me" pattern. Apparently, its a Wicker Promotional Casserole (sometimes referred to as Weave) and was originally sold with a matching candle warmer. The color, not shown well here, is more yellow than green. The prices on the online sites run the gamut from $12.99 to $75.00+, so I suppose it all comes down to what people are willing to pay for it. It's pretty, but not my absolute favorite. I think I'll hold onto it, though, because I'm really loving having a few promotional pieces. And for $7.00, I'd say I got a decent deal.

Tomorrow, I'm getting my boys up early and headed to a couple church sales in town. Here's wishing for more Pyrex!

Sally @ Exploits of a Military Mama


  1. Great find! I don't have this piece, but if I saw it out somewhere at a good price, I'd snag it!

  2. I love the promotional pieces with interesting lids :)

  3. Great deal! Love the unusual pattern. I own one promotional piece, and just love having it.