Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pyrex Friendship

Hello fellow Pyrexians! It has been awhile since I have posted, but I just haven't been able to find any *good* Pyrex lately. Sure, I came across a set of yellow mixing bowls that were totally dishwasher damaged. I even spotted my first piece of Pyrex that was made in England, but it was missing the lid.

Today I finally have something to contribute to the collective!

Because of the title of this post, I am guessing you think I found something like this...

Source: flickr.com via Vintage on Pinterest


The title is fitting for this story because of how I acquired my most recent piece. You see, there is this blogger named Chelsea. Her blog is called Kiss My Brass. We began following each others respective blogs when we both first started out in the blog world. She loves vintage and thrifting just like me, but our real bloggy friendship was created over Pyrex! We both love the 'rex.

After seeing my Pinterest pin-board of Pyrex I wanted, she messaged me and asked if I had any pink flamingo Pyrex in my collection yet. I replied that I did not but would love to add some pink. She mentioned that she had acquired a pink casserole and it was mine for the taking! I told her that I would love to have this Pyrex but in order to keep my collection to a dull roar, it must come with the lid or must fit a spare glass Pyrex lid I currently had. After some careful measurements on both our parts, I determined it would most likely fit and if not, oh darn, I would just have to keep the pretty pink Pyrex!

Look what arrived yesterday!

Here is the unveiling, the dog always has to 'help':

I know y'all are on pins and needles...Did the lid fit!?


The Dobie gave his seal of approval...

Here is my current collection minus a small yellow mixing bowl and a small red refrigerator dish:

The pink flamingo fits right in with the rest of the eclectic crowd. Looks like I need to start another shelf!

Thanks so much to Chelsea. We have truly created a friendship through Pyrex :)

Have you made friends via Pyrex?

The Thrifty Picker


  1. Yes! I have just started my little Pyrex collection thanks to Jill of "A Little Bit of Everything". She's "guilty" of turning me on to all the goodness that is PYREX! We've become great blogger friends!
    Thank you for telling us about your generous friend Chelsea! I'm happy the two of you found eachother :)

  2. Love it! Great story. My bff and I were thrifters in college, almost 20 yrs ago, and we still thrift today. She calls me and asks me if I want a piece she finds at the thrift every now and then!

  3. Those are great pieces. I like the colors also!!

  4. Glad you love it Rachael! I'm so glad we have found a friendship through blogging and Pyrex! I love the picture with your pup in it, you're right, maybe he smells my dog!