Friday, April 13, 2012

Butterfly Gold

A few weeks ago I picked up this 045 for just $2 at nearby thrift store. I just love this size casserole because it's perfect for our family.
Then my friend, Heather, showed up with this 664 that I never knew existed. It holds 4 quarts of awesome goodness!
She also helped me complete  my first fridgie set. Yay!
I've been collecting dishes too. I switched out our everyday dishes to these, and now I never worry if something gets broken because I know I can just replace them for pennies.
My Butterfly Gold collection has just taken off. I think I'm just missing some mixing bowls now.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It all looks so pretty together. I'm collecting this pattern too, and I love having the Corelle matching dishes. Happy hunting for the mixing bowls! I see them in this pattern often, I'm sure it won't take you long! Stacey @

  2. Love your pictures, Butterffly Gold is such a pretty pattern!

  3. They look beautiful all grouped together! I just collect random pieces--whatever strikes my fancy--but your pictures give me a definite yen to collect just one pattern.

  4. These are so gorgeous! Such pretty pictures too.

  5. So pretty! I just found a 2 1/2 qt but for 6.99. They were selling a whole set of butterfly gold, plates saucers and mugs for $18.99 but I was not ready to spend so much. You make me wish I did. ;)
    Great collection.

  6. What a great collection! I use the butterfly gold as our regular dishes as well :)

  7. Ah, I love Butterfly Gold! Nice finds. I love how the 045 looks like it's as big as your child:)And I must say I'm incredibly jealous of the fridgies!

  8. Thanks for the sweet comments! I do love how they all go together so well. I haven't decided if I want the mixing bowls or not. I have passed them up the few times that I have seen them.

  9. i love ALL yellow pyrex. love love love.

    question: are the dishes pyrex too? i've seen similar in thrift stores but i thought they say a different brand on the bottom even though they look pyrex-y. i'm always tempted to purchase but never have.

  10. The dishes are Corelle. You can read more about the Pyrex/Corning relationship here:

  11. I have a Butterfly Gold lot I'm looking to unload if you want more! I have a dinner plate, 2 salad plates, the tall creamer, 501 fridgie, and 4 napkin rings. Email me if you're interested! Melissa