Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saving A Casserole from a Charred Existence

At the top of my Pyrex list is a Daisy/Sunflower oval covered casserole.  I've never stumbled on one in a thrift store, and the antique stores want a fortune.  At Goodwill, I spotted it...there it was!  I hesitated.  It was black.  Yes, Black.  I tried to scratch it off.  Nope.  The top had brown spots like it was broiled.  It wasn't pretty.  $7.99....hmmmm.  But would it come off?  There were several other great pieces and I couldn't get them all.  (Yes, a miracle...SEVERAL pieces).  Then I remembered the inspiring stories from you ladies.  I thought, if paint and other gunk can be scrubbed off Pyrex, this can too.  I bought it.  I hour later, the results are dazzling!  What's the worst thing you've cleaned?

I got so excited, I forgot to take a before pic.  This is the end...the last crusty bits.


Had to put this Corning/Pyrex booklet in.  Love it!  A line in it says, "Above all, food always looks best when attractively served.  Your first attempts at cooking won't be your best, so be sure to set a pretty table!"
Opps!  Almost forgot my cleaning tools!

Stacey Johnson
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  1. Bravo on your work, it looks great! My worst piece was a pink daisy baking dish that wasn't exactly was covered in sticky/brown/permanently adhered weirdness. AWFUL! I used oven cleaner. It was *totally* scary. But it worked!

  2. It is beautiful! The worst I have come across was a Butterfly Gold casserole that may or may not have been treated to more than a rinse after serving its last meal of something really greasy. That was fun. =)

  3. I've cleaned up a few bad ones, it's amazing how they can clean up so well, especially when it looks pretty hopeless!

  4. awesome job! I turned down a black piece on Saturday,hmmmm wonder if it's still there!

  5. My worst was definitely my lace medallion I ordered online. I knew it was dirty, but I was basically getting it for the cost of shipping, so what the heck.. Scrubbing all the black out of the spaces between the lace was a true pain, but totally worth's now beautiful!

    By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pamphlet!!