Friday, April 6, 2012

Packing up the Pyrex

Being a military wife, I am not unfamiliar with moving. In my brief four years married to my love, we have moved eight times. Oh yes. EIGHT times. And in May, we will move a ninth. We bought our first home in December, and have been paying a rent and mortgage ever since (ouch). But the difference between this move and our others is that now? I have my precious Pyrex to move. I began collecting a little over a month ago, and embarassing, my collection has grown rapidly. In the excitement of being a new collector, I went a bit crazy on Ebay and Etsy. After the first bit of collecting, I slowed down and began thrifting alone. But the damage was done. I haven't displayed any of it. Instead, everything that arrived packed nicely has stayed packed. There's no point in displaying when your home is so temporary.

Y'all? I have a heck of a lot Pyrex to pack.

I am scared. Very scared.

If any of my Pyrex breaks? I might cry. Previously when we've moved, I didn't have much I cared about being destroyed. Most of our furniture has been hand-me-downs. As far as dishes go, well, they're just dishes. I have a few nicknacks that are important, and I always just tossed them in my car to make sure they weren't hurt on the moving truck. But now, I'm terrified that the collection I have spent money on (probably too much, please don't mention it to my husband) will be destroyed. So, I've been using a generous amount of bubble wrap and plan on putting it all in my trunk. Any other tips? Who else has moved with Pyrex? Were you as scared as me?

Sally @ Exploits of a Military Mama


  1. I too am a frequent mover. My only advice is to take a deep breath and let go. You can't control what happens (this is what moving insurance is for) and the great thing about Pyrex is that is was mass produced so if a piece does break another is out there waiting to be found.

    Good luck on the move!

  2. Thanks, Ana! I know it's true that there is Pyrex abounding somewhere. I think my dry spell here with thrifting is scaring me into thinking it doesn't exist anywhere except the expensive, overpriced, craziness that is the internet.

  3. I just moved in December. I'm sure I used way too much bubble wrap but it got the job done. I was freaking out about it too, but they arrived safe and sound :) BUT, we just bought a house and will be moving from the apartment to the house at the end of this month so I'm starting to panic all over again! Bubble wrap and more bubble wrap. That's all I can recommend. Good luck!

  4. Oh, good luck with all of that! I'll be biting my nails right along with you! I have yet to move with my generous collection of Pyrex, but I already told boyfriend it will be riding with me in my car whenever we do move again. I don't think I could hand it over to someone else to pack & move it all for me...!

  5. Hi Sal! Fragile things like these need to be multi-coated in order for them to not break during the delivery process. First, cover each property with used newspapers. Second, cover them one by one with foam sheeting. Lastly, cover them up with plastic or air-bubble sheet. These coating materials will keep those Pyrex stuff from breaking. Follow all of these, and you’ll have nothing to worry about. =)

    Erik Littles

  6. Glassware and pottery work are always the hardest things to pack because there is always the risk of breaking them. How did you pack your Pyrex then? Me, I always wrapped them in bubble wrap and newspaper. That way, I won’t worry about them breaking or getting scratch inside the box.


  7. How was the move? I think you don't need to worry as long as you packed them properly in those boxes. I just hope that you have space for all of that Pyrex. It would be better if you still displayed them. What's the sense of collecting it if you wouldn't show them, right? :)

    Pedro Padro