Thursday, April 26, 2012


For Easter, my husband's aunt brought me this cute little Verde casserole. These oval casseroles are my favorite. I have so many now, but one can never have enough, right?

Last week I found this entire Verde mixing bowl set at a local thrift store by my house. It was just $14.95.   I couldn't leave it there, so I brought it home with me. Now I'm just missing a 503 for my matching fridgie set.

At the same thrift store I was lucky to find the blue, red, and yellow bowls to the primary set. They were all bundled together for $7.95. I already had the green bowl at home. I was able to complete another set. Yay!

Also, at the same thrift store I spotted this striped bowl. I just love the stripes, so I knew I had to have it.
There was just one catch to getting my stripes. It was bundled with these Federal Glass bowls. Do you find this on your thrifting adventures? I see this often at this particular store where they bundle different bowls together. 


  1. NICE!! I'm still searching for the red bowl to complete my primary set. I love your verde nice!

  2. Dang! I want to go shopping at your store :)

  3. awesome finds! a full Verde bowl set for $14.95, wow!

  4. What size is that striped bowl? I can't tell. Have it in a 402 but I'm thinking maybe they made it in different sizes.

  5. You are lucky lucky lucky! I wish there were thrift stores around my parts that have Pyrex as cheap as that! I have to search high and low to find deals :(
    Congrats on the finds!

  6. That is crazy (and amazing!) that you found 3/4 of the primary set together--and for so little. I always enjoy your crisp, lovely photographs of your finds, too.

  7. Ya I want to go shopping with you.....lucky!!!! I also like your photography!!

  8. Thanks! The striped bowl is a 403. I believe that it comes in a set of 3; 401, 402, and 403.

    I only find these prices at the one thrift store. The other stores around my area are quite a bit more. I'm not sure why.

  9. I think $7.95 just for the Rainbow Stripe is worth it--the cute Federal bowls are just a bonus. Did you decide to keep them or no?

    Outstanding pics, as always.

  10. Great deals, especially for a whole set!