Sunday, April 29, 2012

pyrex, of course!

Hello everyone! It's Lesley from froog and doog.

I wanted to stop by and share some of my Pyrex finds for the last few weeks. 

 And I'm sure you won't object.

 I found the charcoal snowflake divided at a yard sale for a whopping $2. I couldn't leave it behind, no matter I already have one of these. This will definitely be re-gifted. I have a few people in mind who would love themselves some charcoal snowflake!


I met up with the Pyrex dealer again (you can read more details about it on froog and doog) and crossed two more of my must have's off my list: the 023 turquoise and 023 turquoise wheat. I was tempted to get the Butterfly Gold for myself, but ended up getting it for my sister-in-law, along with the 473 Butterfly Gold.

The Gooseberry? Yeah, I was very lucky at finding that for $2.50 at a thrift. I've never seen Gooseberry at a thift before, so color me surprised!


And the camera pulls back to show my vintage record cabinet I just made over. I just had to share how cute it is holding the Pyrex.


And the camera pulls back one more time to show the fairy tale scene. Actually, it's just my back yard, and I really need to do yard work.

Thanks for letting me share my finds with you all!

Happy Hunting :)


  1. I love everything you showed-the record cabinet, the owl and stuff in the first picture-we've got the same taste :)

    1. I'm glad you like it! It's nice to know I'm not alone :)

  2. awesome!! those colors together are great together!

    1. Thanks! The Butterfly Gold and turquoise together were just swoon worthy.