Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Design" Mixing Bowl...Come to Mama!

I've periodically combed the Snohomish County Craig's List for Pyrex and I've never seen much.  This time there was a long list, but most were sets for $45 and up, "Are you kidding me?" or were an hour away.  In the midst of that was a Marysville listing, just 10 minutes from home.  I clicked on the post to see a rare "Design" mixing bowl.  And it was only $5!  I met the lady downtown amidst my errands.  Love it!  I had no idea until looking on Pyrexlove that this set only has two bowls and that's it.  It has a unique shape as well.  So excited!To make it even better, I just sold a Federal Glass bowl that will pay for this one.  (I'm gleaning out stuff that is not my favorite)  Any one else ever score anything from Craig's List?

--Stacey from



  1. I saw two of these recently.. had never seen one before.

    Not in any condition that I would buy or resell though.

  2. Everytime I look for pyrex on my craigslist, the only thing that pops up are pipes. :( Great find!! :)

  3. Awesome find! I've had no Craigslist luck at all.

  4. What a beautiful bowl. I've never had luck on Craigslist, yet.

    My parents live in Bothell. Not far from you. :)

  5. Stacey, that's so funny! I'm in Seattle and have seen that piece (which I love!) on CL for a couple months. The price has been slowly shrinking, and when I saw it for five bucks the other day, I was a little tempted. But Marysville is almost an hour away and I couldn't justify it. I'm glad you got it, though :).

  6. I almost bought that one too but I couldn't justify it with the price of gas to get from Burien to Marysville! I had emailed her before and she said she wanted it to go to someone who would love it so it sounds like it found a good home!