Saturday, April 7, 2012

First piece that started it all

Isn't it strange the thing that bring you so much joy and that just one piece can start a hoarding problem?

This piece my mother gave me. It was one of my firsts if not my first ever. It started it all.

The large bowl from the "pineapple party" chip and dip set.  It must have been my grandma's Pyrex at one time. That is where my mom has got most of not all of her Pyrex and she gave me a few pieces as I moved out.

Who knew one of my firsts was a chip and dip, and not a real easy one to get ahold of.   I'm looking for the small bowl (401).

What was your first piece? Something common or something hard to find?

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  1. Mine was the large primary yellow bowl from my mama. It belonged to my grandmother at one point. I'd imagine it had been a part of the primary set as my grandmother mentioned she had a couple sets but lost or broke pieces through out the years. I love it desperately.

  2. A Shenandoah 403 I found at some thrift store while I was in college. I don't even like the pattern anymore but I can't seem to let it go.

    Love the Pineapple Party. Gorgeous.