Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little v. Big Pyrex

Sally (of here and exploitsofamilitarymama.com) mentioned in her earlier post that she was trying to stay away from filling up her house with little pieces. On one hand, I totally relate--I'm basically out of room at the moment and really should put a moratorium on any more Pyrex-shopping (which will probably not happen). On the other hand, I'm finding that the little bits and pieces of Pyrex are the ones that get the best display in our little home. For instance, my super-random mug and teacup collection:

...and my equally random collection of fridgies, casserole dishes (the largest being a 473), and my precious little dip bowl.

Gazing at these collections is almost as fun as looking at pictures of Pyrex online (something I never knew I would do as an adult). But the only reason I'm able to display these is because they're so tiny. Having four children plus living in a medium-small house plus being an inveterate thrifter of children's items means that the majority of our shelves are filled with books, games, toys, more books, stacks of books, and books hidden behind books.

This relates to my recent finds ($2.99 and $4 in scroll-down order):

The "Americana" 403 is in pretty nice shape, and it will get use as a mixing bowl at some point, I'm sure (though my mixing bowl supply is getting way too big). But it's pretty big and as a result, it'll be kept in a dark cupboard, protected from my toddler by child-safety locks. The Buffet Twins Round Promotional Casserole, however (a 473--originally part of a set produced in the spring of 1959, according to www.pyrexlove.com), is already on display with my other tiny, adorable finds. As a result, I'm leaning more and more towards only getting the small stuff (unless the design/condition is just too amazing to leave behind).

What about the rest of you? Are you out of room, Pyrex-wise? Is size a factor when you choose your pieces?

~Margaret Ann


  1. I have passed by many Cinderella bowls lately, they just take up so much space and I already have a few, unless it's something really special and different, I don't think I should be buying any more...

  2. I totally understand what you mean. I don't have a place to display little pieces without jumbling them up with big ones or else I would be on the little Pyrex train, too :)

  3. Yes, I too have a small house. I like small pieces I can actually use...like gravy boats, creamers, etc.

  4. A little out of room already and I only started collecting a year ago! I now find myself passing up pieces that need a little TLC to help limit myself.

  5. to thetodderwhisperer--thank you! Me too :).