Monday, November 4, 2013

My Finds for Last Week - And a Freebie!

It was a sad week for Pyrex for me last week.  There was a lot of DWDs and the little bit of stuff that was in nice condition wasn't for me.  Best thing I got was from my neighbor who more recently learned of my Pyrex addiction. 

Two loaf pans, one in Verdé the other tan and a square Verdé pan that I have already, but this one is minty.  One sad little pink 501 which I got for the lid. My neighbor gave me the Daisy 043 with basket!!!!

I did have a good week of shopping Christmas vintage you can see here if you like that kinda stuff!

Hoping for a better Pyrex week this week!

(hopelessly addicted),



  1. Free Pyrex is good Pyrex. The lid makes that little 501 totally worth it, I have several who need their tops. Interestingly I have that casserole in the 045, but I think I have a bastard child or something. The rattan basket does not match the inside dish. Inside, instead of a yellow daisy with opal lid, is an orange 045 with a clear lid. It is my mystery piece.

    1. Jacquelyn! Your lid is sitting over here at my house! ha-ha