Thursday, November 7, 2013

I have been called a lot of things, yes crazy is one of them!

Pyrex crazy that is! I have had several moments of pyrex insanity lately. The first was a small photo on an estate sale website that had the edge of what looked like a chip and dip set. I blew the photo up and it looked like it might be. Turquoise in color.

I looked up the address and it was not too far so I went. Sounding like a pretty normal pyrex hunt so far? Well, hold on to your seats. This is where the story gets a little wonky. I went 3 hours early and sat in the car! Nuts, I know. So much so that a few people in the neighborhood came up to the car to see if I was ok. Lol I have been to some sales earlier than that before but only in the morning time. However, this sale started in the middle of the day. It just added to the weirdness.

I finally get out of my car about 1.5 hours before the sale starts and proceed to sit outside the house all by myself forEver. I was #1! Of course. Finally about 1/2 hour before the sale people started lining up. Then the doors opened.

I quickly asked where is the kitchen. I nearly missed it by turning the wrong way and got there a split second before #2 was right behind me. The only thing crazier than standing 3 hours in line for what you think might be Pyrex would be losing out to #2. Who by the way was breathing down my neck and finally said are you going to take all the Pyrex? To which I sweetly replied, of course:))))

Check out my haul. In the box!

Amazing and crazy! You can check out the rest of my stash at



  1. I love how you told #2 that of course your were going to take all the Pyrex. It's not like they wouldn't have had they had the chance! Great score and totally worth the wait :-)


    1. I wanted to say, do you know how long I waited. But, the polite of course it all that came out. Plus, I know that would have just added to the crazy. Lol

  2. I totally would have waited that long for that. Nice job!

  3. I had a similar scenario last weekend. Only I was #2, and I missed the Pyrex by seconds. All is fair in love and Pyrex!

  4. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I am so happy for you! What a wonderful find! Totally worth the wait!

  5. Wow! It's beautiful and it's all YOURS!!!!

  6. Score! I just bought one of those on ebay, but it didn't have the box or bracket.