Friday, April 26, 2013

Going for the Gold

Yesterday, I felt compelled to drive a little further than I usually do for a thrift store. It's always somewhat thrilling to go to a place I haven't been to for a while -- who knows what is right inside that door?!

The first floor housewares yielded nothing, so I trudged upstairs somewhat disappointed. Lo and behold, the Butterfly Gold Pyrex 402 sat on the shelf. I'm pretty sure I heard my name from across the room. I think I broke out into a jog. I was going for the gold. Or at least the gold on white.

I already have this Butterfly Gold 402...

...but I wanted the one that technically went with the 401 and 403 I already had. (I'm guessing the yellow 402 pattern was sold as part of a different set?) I've had my eye on the white one at an antique store, but couldn't bring myself to pay $10 for it. I nabbed the one at the thrift store for only $2. 

Later that day, I wandered into the local Salvation Army and spotted a blue stripe 401 bowl without a price. The cashier wasn't allowed to price it for me. Nobody at the store could price it. They wouldn't hold it for me, even though I promised to be back to pick it up after they priced it. (What in the world?!)

I went back this morning and it was nowhere to be found. I even dug through the carts. I've been collecting the 401s for my mom, since she loves that size -- and it's been fun to 'collect' without needing to find space for them! Who knows if it's still there, or if someone else picked it up and managed to get it priced before me. 

I did find these overpriced verde fridgies in the cart though. I don't think I would have normally paid what I did for them, except I was so annoyed about losing the bowl.

The only thing better than getting a bargain on Pyrex is getting Pyrex for nothing. Somebody is going to get a Butterfly Gold Gravy Boat for free! Remember to add your comment on my blog for the Great Gravy Boat Giveaway for your chance to win. Giveaway ends April 30th.

Happy weekend hunting! May your Pyrex dreams come true... 



  1. Losing that blue stripe bowl would haunt me!

    Although I am not normally a big fan of the Butterfly Gold, your pictures may have changed my mind:-)

    Have a wonderful weekend,


    1. It's still haunting me... I've been back twice and it's still not there.

      And thanks! I love taking pics of Pyrex ;) BG definitely goes well in my kitschy kitchen...

  2. I have a new schtick to have items priced at Value Village without a ticket. I'll never remove a ticket purposely to use my schtick, no matter the price. Goodwill, Salvation Army have never not sold me an item without a price tag, even though they have those policies.

    Sometimes when I find an item on the shelf without a price, I'll bring it to the front with me. I imagine it's me finding my dream item & it not having a tag - that would SUCK!

    I hated the hell out of Butterfly Gold, but when I started to see it paired with other colours online, my mind had changed.

    1. Normally me just being polite works (apparently that's my schtick?!) I've never had an issue before anywhere. This is the first time they told me I had to come back and just hope that it's on the shelf. Whatever.

      That's very kind of you to take stuff up without a price... next time I'll remember to do that for the next person!

      (BG seems to be an acquired taste...)

  3. those are awesome finds though.

    super annoying about the bowl. that seems kinda idiotic cause you'd think they would want to sell it.

    1. No kidding... and it wasn't my first trip there, so it's not like I'm a total stranger.