Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday's finds

Well after a hectic weekend, I finally got a chance to take some pictures of my "haul" of Pyrex and other vintage items!

It was a good day Friday, I got my usual haul of vintage stuff.

This is my first "Snowflake Blue" bowls! I can't wait to use them around the holidays...

Turquoise heaven!!  Aren't they pretty?!

Butterprint 1 1/2 Qt. $3.95
Snowflake Blue- Blue on white 1 1/2 Qt. $2.95
Snowflake Blue- white on blue 1 1/2 Pt. $2.95 

Early American 1 Pt. $2.95
Early American 1 Qt. $2.95
Early American 1 1/2 Pt. $2.95

Fire King "Peach Lustre" Pie plate $3.00

Fire King "Tulip" Mixing bowl $2.99!!!
What a STEAL! I could not believe my eyes when I saw this at Savers! I thought I was on cloud 9!!
I LOVE this pattern from Fire king...hopefully I can luck out again and find more.

Pyrex Hamilton Beach white mixing bowl for the Hamilton beach mixer (which I have)

I bought this awesome fall apron at Savers, it is in MINT condition! I love it, seems like it is from the 1960's? It was only $2.99

I bought these 2 awesome flower power pillow cases for 0.99 cents! 

I have been looking for fall vintage tablecloth for awhile and stumbled upon this beautiful tablecloth at Savers! It is in excellent condition, I still have to clean the tablecloth but when it is clean and ironed I will show you the whole thing!

I bought this for $2.99! What a great buy!

I bought this huge juicer for $2.95!  No markings but it is really nice! I have been wanting one since I broke mine almost a year ago. 

Pyrex "Butterfly Gold 2" 2.5 Qt.
$3.99 Savers Without lid.

1975 "Country Festival" Perculator by Corning
$2.99! Everything came with it what a great buy, but I think I am going to sell it.

I found this amazing piece at RWB, This was the first Pyrex I spotted and grabbed it right away, I was so surprised it was still there! This is the "Pink Daisy" Pyrex 2  1/2 Qt. Casserole dish with lid no chips, no scratches in excellent condition!! It was only $9.95! I gladly took it home with me =)
This is the 2nd piece that I have from the "Pink Daisy" pattern. Isn't it so pretty??

I found this at Savers on my way home, this is the Lime green 2 Qt. casserole dish with lid!!!
Not sure if this is the original lid to this? But it does fit perfectly!

What year is this from?

And finally I found this Norman Rockwell figurine of Santa, My husband loves Norman Rockwell, his grandmother who passed away in 2007 collected Norman's figurines and he has 2 of her figurines and I thought why not add to the collection! It was $2.99 at savers.

So what do you guys think of my "Haul"? 


  1. LOVE the snowflake blue & tulips!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks =) I was happier this time when I came home with my usually haul

  3. Always love pink daisy!

    Snowflake Blue seems pretty rare around these parts. I think I've only seen 2 pieces & bought them, but I think I remember seeing a whole set of cinderellas for $20ish at Goodwill, but I don't remember the pattern. When they weren't Butterprint I decided not to get them.

    1. I ADORE Pink Daisy! I looked it up on ebay and for the 2 1/2 Qt they are expensive, like $40 and up!

      Snowflake blue is very pretty, especially for the holidays.

  4. Great load of stuff! You hit the jackpot!

  5. Awesome. I love the pink Pyrex bowl. I just found my Hamilton Beach Mixer Bowl two weeks ago. I was thrilled. I have the little juicer. I got it this summer at a yard sale some man was holding. It was crammed in a box that said "Junk Box anything .25 cents" Imagine my excitement when I found the juicer in there.

    1. Metooo It is one of my favorites the pink bowl.
      WOW, 0.25 cents?? THATS GREAT! I have not bought anything that cheap yet, but hopefully I will soon!

  6. Really?! I want to find tons of Pyrex at once...*pouty face* lol. I need to visit where you live! :)

    1. Well, I don't like in CT, I live in NYC so for me I have to drive 1 hour and 23 minutes to get to these places..but it is so worth it!! I go every friday by myself and enjoy the nice ride and have the day to myself =)
      You would LOVE it, you would probably faint!! Lol.

    2. I actually lived in Brooklyn in my early 20's. I wasn't so much into vintage or Pyrex then. If I had been...I would have come back home to Kentucky with loads of the same awesome goodies you have!
      I hated driving in the city. It was absolutely horrible! I had a brand new VW Jetta and when I came back to KY it had so many scratches and dings in it from the idiot drivers up there. Ugh...still makes me made lol!
      And yes, you are probably right. I would faint with joyment! What a fun Friday ritual! :)
      Hey...make sure you stop by my blog and enter my giveaway!

    3. Oh Okay I live in The Bronx, not sure if you know of it? Im sure you do!
      I hate driving here also, everyone honks at you, and rides up your bumper! They are so aggressive!

      Thanks, I look forward to Fridays every week. Since I am a housewife for now, This is my hobby going thrifting!

      I will check out your blog and enter in your giveaway...hope I win =)

  7. Wow and double wow what an amazing load of goodies. Im loving all your pryrex the blue snowflake is gorgeou and so is the orange one. Loving the coffee pot to. You must have some amazing chairty shops over there. Enjoy it all, dee x

    1. Thanks! Yes the blue is awesome and the orange is Butterfly Gold. They are pretty nice!
      Yes, the coffee pot is nice..I am going to put that on eBay probably.
      Yes I do, although they are not in my state, they are close enough to me!

  8. Wow! I can't believe you found all that in one weekend...and that Tulip bowl!

    1. ALL IN ONE DAY!!!! The tulip bowl I almost passed out in the aisle! $2.99!!!

  9. The FK tulip bowl is rocking! Snowflake patterns are my favorite! Your hauls are always the best!

    1. Thanks Holiday girl! That makes my day =)
      I looove the FK tulip bowl.
      And yes the snowflake is pretty awesome!

  10. I love reading about your thrifting trips! You come back with such wonderful items, I really look forward to seeing your pictures.

    I'm sending good thoughts your way, that you and yours are safe-I have been reading coverage of the storm, and it looks very scary.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it. It was very scary actually, I am not use to these hurricane's. I did not loose power thank god! and no trees down on my block. Thanks for your thoughts!

      I am so glad you enjoy the pictures I post!
      I will be deff posting pictures over this coming weekend...hopefully by Friday everything will settle down over here and I can do my thrifting!