Friday, January 18, 2013

Pink and Turquoise? How did that happen?

So with all the good luck I had with thrift store Pyrex last week, I needed to re-arrange my cabinet display. It has become obvious that I seem to be accumulating a lot of pink and turquoise Pyrex with a bit of black. And I gotta say, I love this color combination.

Who would've thought it? When I started collecting Pyrex, I started with the Primary set of bowls and am still working on the fridgie set. I always thought that would be 'my thing', the original set and the bright colors. Because normally, I'm not a pastel pink and turquoise kinda girl. But then I inherited a couple Butterprint Cinderella bowls and started working on that set.

I had the Starburst promo from way back (even before I became afflicted with this Pyrexia) so thank goodness I can check that off my list without even thinking. And no, I'm not trading it or selling it now. :)

And things kind of happened and I found a bunch of pink Pyrex. No one in their right mind is going to leave that on the shelf, right? Mix in a few black pieces, which I love (like my black fridgie and the Rooster black promo piece) and, well, I've got a theme happening here I think.

I did a little re-arranging in my glass-front cabinets (last time was back in October):

The late afternoon sunlight was hitting the Butterprint fridgies just right and really looked cool, so I thought I'd snap a picture to share with you.

If you had told me a year ago that I would now be trying to collect pink, black and turquoise I would have thought you were crazy. But that is how it goes, and now at least I have a bit of direction to my collection obsession! Anyone else ever have their Pyrex collecting go in a completely different direction than you thought?


  1. Oh my! How gorgeous is that?! I love your display, it really is looking great!
    I love pink and turquoise.

  2. Nice picture with the sun shining on your treasures. I love my turquoise Pyrex and am still on the hunt for my first pink. One day ...
    Aren't you lucky to have that Starburst too!! That black fridgie looks shiny, unlike the charcoal snowflakes finish. It looks so good with the pink.

  3. The finish is actually about the same- I think- a bit matte. The snowflakes are high on my want list!

  4. Your display looks wonderful! you're very lucky to have already had the Starburst!

  5. It takes its own direction in life i just follow along....
    Daisy j
    Ps i love your colours

  6. Love it! I started out with green and now have somehow shifted to the pinks and blues. Since the first of the year, I have found the pink flamingo casserole with match ramekin and the pink flamingo pie plate...all for just $8.00. I love a good Pyrex bargain!

    1. I would love to find a pie plate! I have never found one in any color, and I make sooo many pies!