Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Different Side of Pyrex

Lately finding Pyrex has been a tough job.  Even after venturing into antique stores, I still come up empty handed.  Everything seems to be overpriced or something which I already have represented in my collection.  I did find one thing on my recent trips that intrigued me: Pyrex lab ware test tubes. 
Although there were six available, I only picked up two.  While I think they were a good deal, they weren't exactly dirt cheap so I chose the two oldest ones which didn't have any chips.   

Does anyone else ever pick up Pyrex lab ware?
Curious what other non-Pyrex goodies I've been bringing home?  Come check me out at my blog Yesterway.   
Happy thrifting everyone!  If you are like me, lets hope things start picking up soon!

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