Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Antiquing in Central NY

While driving north to SUNY Oswego, I stopped at several places: consignment, antique, and thrifts (lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my)!

Prices varied. The consignment shop had a white pie plate for $2, sold! Antique prices were high, which was to be expected. But I was desperate!! Pink daisy divided casserole with lid for $16.95 (not bad) and a butterfly gold 401 for $4.95. Remember when I said I was only collecting turquoise?!

Thrifts had several mugs in butterfly gold (4 for $2, sold to me!) and others in woodland and a yellow/blue floral that I hadn't seen before. Left those behind though. And.. I found a crazy daisy loaf fridgie! Hurray!

Ps I also included some "pyrex in action" pics from dinners I made this week. More to come in another post soon :)

Happy pyrexing!
Belle of the Blog


  1. Pyrex looks so wonderful filled with delicious food. Love the pink piece.

  2. I mainly only collect turquoise and pink but sometimes I get desperate for Pyrex and will buy a pattern I wouldn't normally buy. It usually will hold me over until more pink or turquoise comes along.


    1. Hahaha seems like my style too! Too cute to leave behind, and Ill love them!

  3. Love the salad in the blue scroll! :)

  4. i love that turqoise bowl and the gold and green ones are awesome too.