Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pyrex on display

I've been struggling to find an attractive way to display my Pyrex. It had taken over my bookcases, my kitchen counters, the table, literally there was Pyrex in every room of my house! My cousin came to visit and joked that my Pyrex addiction collection was going to run me out of my home!!
Finally, I found something that I like and thinks works pretty well, and while it doesn't fit all my Pyrex, I can finally use my kitchen table and counters again :) (Sorry for the crappy phone photos)

Here it is! Awesome craigslist score to display my Pyrex, which right now is going to live in my "office" area.
Another fun find (and I know I have seen this from another poster) was the vintage pyrex poster from PoconoModern  on Etsy. It is super cute and makes me smile. 
a peek at my kitchen, sweet Pyrex poster and some of the real stuff too!

 Finally a few pieces that were gifted to me a few weeks ago after I had surgery. I was most excited for the snowflake divided casserole, I've accumulated quite a few pieces of snowflake and I just love that pattern! Blue Horizon is another pattern I like and this only makes for my second piece! 

Pyrex is the ideal "get well" soon gift
That's all for now fellow collectors! I am hoping the following weeks are filled with more treasures for us all. I am looking forward to browsing some antique malls in the coming weeks, I have Christmas money that was designated for Pyrex purchases only. I'm dreaming of a Starbust or the turquoise chip and dip set! I will report how it goes!


  1. What a fantastic display. Those shelves look like the ones from IKEA... I have smaller, similar ones holding my office stuff. Maybe I should rethink my Pyrex storage!

  2. Yeah! I had my eye on the IKEA ones, but I am more than pleased with these since they were a fraction of the price! :)

  3. Nice shelving unit! It displays it well. I am also running out of room for Pyrex, right now there is pyrex on my stove and on my kitchen table and I do not know what to do with them! =x

  4. Your display looks really nice - those shelves are great! I recently started to display some of my Pyrex on the top of my kitchen cupboards because I ran out of space in my china cupboard. I will soon have to think about something else as my collection is growing fast!

  5. What do you use to use to space your stacked pyrex?

    1. I use empty plastic containers (margarine, fruit cup, etc.)

  6. Oh.holy crap! That looks fabulous! You have a super awesome collection!