Saturday, January 12, 2013

Motivated to Shop

Hey everyone! It's Meg (the new girl!)  Joining this site motivated me to get out there and really not drive by Goodwill or Savers without going in.  Usually I have my kids with me (two boys, ages 4 and 3 next week) and it's just not worth getting them out for a maybe.  Well, I had the chance to run by Savers since my last post and although it's not Pyrex I found a few good things.  We are switching to nicer cookware but I'm not overly interested in paying the prices for new Le Creuset.  Well, I saw this little saucepan and could tell it was cast iron.  It was in great shape. I flipped it over and it was a vintage Le Creuset piece and it was marked $3.99. Yes please!

I also saw this sweet little strawberry milk glass dish.  For $0.99 it was hard to pass up.  It might be Hazel Atlas but I'm not 100%.  Cute regardless and worth the small price tag.

But you're here for Pyrex, right? ;)

I hit up the two main antique stores today.  They are antique/vintage/a small amount of flea market.  This yellow bowl below is something of the norm for this area.  A yellow primary bowl for $45.  Yes. For the one bowl.  It's been in that booth for 2 years at least. They REALLY love their yellow bowl!

For the first time EVER I saw some salt and pepper shakers.  The price was right too! $7 for the set.  I text a few friends to see if they wanted them but they both said no. I left them behind because I have this set, and the butterfly gold set, and the white correlle snowflake set, and a cute mushroom set that match my canisters.  I don't even collect shakers :)  

But on to what I did buy ;)

I had pretty much decided that I was done looking for and buying mixing bowl sets. I have the sets I love and really, who needs 6 sets of bowls (aside from us Pyrex crazies collectors).  I found this bowl sitting by itself though and it was just so bright and cheery.  And although I never had a desire for the daisy line, it couldn't be left alone on the shelf.  And for $10, why not?!

I also walked out with a small butterprint refrigerator dish and lid.  Recently I was visiting my family in Oklahoma and I went in to a bakery that also happened to have antiques.  I lived there for 18 years and never knew it existed.  I made a quick walkthrough and then I saw a stack of Pyrex.  They had some really nice pieces and I found the large butterprint fridge dish for $10. I was also done with fridge sets but it was butterprint. And in great shape. And I was in the mood to spend I decided to buy it but I wouldn't seek out the other pieces. I would just buy them if they fell into my lap.  And today one did. It was $5 and it was kind of fun to have found a little addition to the bigger piece!

All in all, I'd say I had some good luck for decent prices at the antique stores. I hope everyone else had a great Saturday.

Meg B. :)


  1. i love love love that yellow bowl.

    1. The Daisy or Primary? Either way, they're both pretty :)

  2. LOL- I have an antique booth and have a yellow bowl in there too. But not for $45! (I think I'm asking $18...) Who knows, maybe their rent is sky high? More likely they're clueless, though.

    In defense of antique booth owners everywhere, though, it is really tough to make $ at it. And it's hard to know how to price everything you come across. There are always hits and misses!

    1. Oh I agree. I am absolutely willing to pay a little more at antique stores. :) But in this same store there are about 3 full sets of those mixing bowls for $55-$60. Who knows!

  3. Love the yellow primary and looking for one, but not for $45. One day, I'm sure it'll find it's way to me for a price I can live with! And it's always hard for me to pass-up a fridgie.