Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Pyrex Wonderland

This past week we have had some weird weather. Some days in the 50s and others in the teens and snowy. What is a girl to do in these tough times? Well,What better thing to do then go hit up some antique and thrift stores? But let's be real here, even if it wasn't snowing I'd be hitting those places up. I'm kind of an addict, but aren't you too? haha ;) Here are my scores from the last week.

I've been looking for this pattern for FOREVER, I have seen it at for 10-15$ bucks, and I tend to shy away from the double digit priced pieces, I mean for me it's more of the thrill of finding things for next to nothing. I finally found this beauty for 4$!!! What a deal.

This was purchased for me by a friend who saw it while out at an antique store. This is my third piece of JAJ Pyrex, and my second snowflake JAJ. I am now out to conquer all and find as many pieces of this pattern that I can. Wish me luck

Some more pieces I picked up, as well as the Constellation from above. I found the new dots and the royal wheat at the antique store across from my house. I love that I have two antique stores and 3 thrifts all within walking distance of my house. Means on days off I can not only get in great exercise walking to and from, but I can also (almost always) find some lovely pieces. 

Happy Sunday!


  1. Shops within walking distance - you are so lucky!

  2. Living close to where you love to shop....lovely:)

  3. You found some great pieces. It would be dangerous for me to have stores so close, but then again, I would probably walk more !! lol