Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Member..

Hi Everyone,
I have been following your posts for the past four months. I first caught the bug when I started going to a local thrift shop. I then began following thrift shop blogs and came across pyrex collectors. I fell in love with the colors and styles immediately. Since then I have been hunting Pyrex like crazy.
Here is my first Pyrex..I knew it was a lot of money but it was pink and it was my first one and I couldn't help it.  It was $14.

I found a few great thrift shops in my area.  We don't have antique malls around here which I think is a good thing or else I would be even more tempted to spend more money than necessary.

I have accumulated an array of small bowls..that I know are part of their own set but we have replaced all our cereal bowls with these. I like that they are safe for the microwave so we have our stirfry dinners, soups ,etc in these bowls. The family has fallen in love with them.  They were about $1 each.

This is my one and only printed fridgie. It was $1. The fridgies behind it and under it were given to me by my mom. She didn't have a lid but I was lucky to find one at the thrift shop for $2.
Here are some other things I have acquire along the way. The were each about $5-$7.

These were a Christmas present from my husband. He bought them on ebay and actually only paid $50 (without shipping) for the set. I thought he did really well. The set is scratches or anything. Similar auctions have been going for much higher. I'm not sure how he was able to snag this for that price.  I do love them.
Here are my latest the past week. I'm not sure what happened but all of a sudden there's a ton of pyrex all around me.
I fell in love with this.  It was $10. It's in perfect condition.
I found this at a tiny thrift store that I never go into. I grabbed it. It isn't perfect but I thought it would be great filled with Shiny Brites next Christmas. It was only $3. Imagine my disappointment when I asked the lady if she had more pyrex and she said she did .."in all sorts of colors" but they are all gone now. I now know to go to that one more often.
 I absolutely LOVE this bowl. It's still so shiny. It's in perfect condition and I use it for everything. It was $5.

I found this one at a different thrift store (the same one where I got the pink divided dish). I don't really like going in there b/c the prices are high. Sure enough, they did have pyrex..faded, a mess and they were still charging so much money for it. But I did find this with the lid for $5. Perfect for next Christmas.

Finally, just last night I found this. I have been looking high and low for a baking dish. I love to make brownies, lasagne, etc and I was longing for one. I went to my fave thrift store last night and found it. Along with a lot of pyrex that I didn't buy. It was just too pricey. Butterprint cinderella bowls that I hated to leave but they were just too much. But I couldn't leave this piece. It was $15 and it's in perfect condition.

Thanks for looking. And thank you for sharing all your pictures and stories.


  1. wow you have some collection! Love every piece that you have and LOVE the last one you listed, the butterfly gold pan! I want one so bad!

    1. P.S. I also used the pint mixing bowls for soup, cereal and salad...such a great idea! They all look great together and are such a good size for those types of foods!

  2. Wow! I'm also coveting the butterfly gold pan! And you're right... the small bowls are perfectly sized for all kinds of things :)

  3. What a great start to your collection! Just a friendly will NEVER have enough:-)


  4. Welcome!
    You've been really lucky with your pieces and finds. Would love that turquoise bowl - it looks in great shape and the price was right!

  5. Looks like you're on your way..... Have fun.....

  6. Welcome! What a great collection! And I love that you use your mixing bowls as everyday bowls. Great idea!

  7. Great finds! I love your collection :)

  8. You really have an awesome start on your collection! I love the holiday promotional and turquoise bowl!

  9. man i'm so jealous! all if it is amazing.