Friday, January 4, 2013

1960/61 Promo Someone cleaned out their closets

Ugg It is 2013. A start of a new year. Meaning I feel the need to do a major over haul on my house and purge half my stuff. Then the rest of the year I fill it and purge the next year.  This sound familiar?

Well lucky me benefited from someone else feeling this way too.

Yes Salvation Army had this beauty today. Now I have it.

I scoured, searched and begged the Pyrex Gods to place one in my hands over the Christmas season. I thought for sure someone would give one up while putting out their decorations. Nope, they must have seen that had to much and sent this guy off to donation heaven.

I left a bunch of pyrex there. Some I had and some I didn't care for.  Nothing I don't see all the time (like Old Orchard bowls and Early American cinderellas)

I didn't post my Christmas gifts of Pyrex here but if you want to read about them you can find them at Treasures My Husband Hates.

Happy New year Fellow Pyrex Lovers!



  1. It looks brand new! Nice find!!!
    I have this one also, (bought in an antique store). LOVE LOVE LOVE this Christmas promo!

  2. I just got one of these today with the lid!

  3. I also have this one, courtesy of ebay. I love it so much-I used it as the main table decoration during the holidays. Congrats on your find-that is awesome you found it thrifting!

  4. Stunning! The color is so vivid- lucky you!

  5. Bravo on your great find - it looks beautiful!

  6. It does have seem scratches and flea bites. But as expected with something old. But still, a holiday promo at a thrift!