Thursday, January 10, 2013

Flamingo Pink and Butterprint, all in one thrift store!

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

Today is a beautiful day here in the Northeast, and after dropping off my daughter at preschool this afternoon, it seemed a shame to head right home. So I thought I'd do a little thrifting- I was hoping to cash in on some after-Christmas clearances at my favorite store close to home.

Well, I had some good luck there with holiday stuff last week, but I guess by this week it was all gone or all packed up for next year. I poked around the nicknacks a bit and then headed back to the housewares. The shelves were pretty crowded but I spotted some pink under it all. A flamingo lasagna pan!

I was pretty excited about this because 1) I collect pink Pyrex (who doesn't?), 2) I have never found a colored pan this size, and 3) I use my clear Pyrex lasagna pans all the time. Woohoo!

So, the trip was already a success.

Then I headed back to the section where they keep the nicer antiques- and don't you hate when a thrift store has a separate section for "antiques"? I have seen some Pyrex there before and it was all overpriced and crappy. Not good.

But today was a good day- three Butterprint fridgies! Two of the large 503s (only one with lid) and one 502 with lid. I scooped them all up and headed to the register. (Even though I already had a 503 at home- these are absolutely mint, and my other one is not.) Once I got them home and washed, they are beautiful- now I only need one more 501 to complete the set.

I also found a state glass for 50 cents. It was a great day- so glad I went! And the total for all was $22.00- not too bad for these pieces I think.


  1. What an amazingly lucky day! I collect pink and turquoise Pyrex as well as state glasses! I would have grabbed all the same stuff for sure.



    1. Hehe- good thing we don't live near each other! (Actually I think it would be fun to have Pyrex collectors nearby- I could do so many trades!)

  2. Wonderful stuff! I've never seen the pans before in a thrift store, so great score.

  3. How exciting! Maybe when it rains, it pours? My only 503 is also a little shabby so I've been hoping to stumble upon a reasonably priced one in better condition. Who made the state glasses? Were they Hazel Atlas? Keep telling about your thrifting!