Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My last 2012 finds

Here are my last 2012 finds from last Friday.

Found this beautiful 2 1/2 Qt Pink mixing bowl at an antique store that I never knew about and is on my route to the thrift stores! I stopped in and saw her, sitting on a shelf and knew I had to add her to my collection.
I already have a 4 Qt Pink mixing bowl from the week before so this is awesome for me! 
Two down, and two more to complete this set!
I got it for $10, not too bad and she is in really good shape too!

In the same antique store I found from another dealer this awesome piece.
Snowflake!!! Love this pattern. And I do not have the turquoise on white in a casserole yet, only white on turquoise and she is a big one, 2 1/2 Qt!
Got her for $19.
I really did not mind paying antique store prices because there is still a drought in the thrift stores for Pyrex. 

I also forgot to add this little guy, My husband bought me this for Christmas...
(Notice the other butterfly gold in the background) =)

I bought this Butterfly Gold fridge dish at Savers for $1.99.
It was all marked up with metal marks 
and I used a little bar keepers friend and its like brand new!
That bar keepers friend goes along way =)

Here are my two new friends being washed and ready to use!

That is all for now, Happy thrifting!


  1. That pink bowl is in great shape, and of course, I love the BG bargain. Hooray for the 2012 finds! Now onto the 2013 hunt :)

    1. Yes the pink bowl is in good shape! I was so excited when I found it.
      the butterfly gold was an awesome price!
      I am going antique shopping tomorrow and saturday thrift shopping so hopefully 2013 brings some nice surprises!

  2. Great finds!!! Check out the pyrex I found on New Years.


    1. Thanks, and I will check out your blog!

  3. Nice - what a great way to end 2012. Good luck on you hunt in 2013!

    1. Thank you! I will be thrifting on Saturday.

  4. I love the snowflake pattern and I have a covered, divided casserole in that pattern. I also love and use Barkeepers Friend for everything! It is the best stuff!
    Thanks for your kind comments! Dianne

    1. The snowflake pattern is one of my favorite ones.
      Bar keepers friend is deff great on a lot of things!