Friday, January 25, 2013

Pyrex Pretty

Had a party at my boyfriend's place (where I obviously took over and made it pyrex pretty)...I keep turquoise and pink at my house, and my growing butterfly gold collection at his.

I saw someone else just posted about pyrex tea towels too! I framed two that I ordered. I'm obsessed and will be ordering more :) Maybe my bf will buy me gooseberry towels for Vday, hint hint!

<3, Christina
Belle of the Blog

Here are some pics:


  1. Christina, I LOVE how you framed those towels! Funny story--right after I bought myself the Gooseberry ones last night and posted about them, I told my husband "I know they are tea towels so I should use them in the kitchen...but they are too cute to get dirty! Maybe I'll frame them instead?" Now I know they'll look great :) I also bought myself a milk bottle one, so I will probably frame it too!

  2. You're right, feels like a shame to dirty them up! I'll need to buy more pyrex towels and use some for art, and some for light use :) good luck!

  3. Awesome idea! I think I just may buy some butterprint tea towels and frame them too! =)

    P.S. love your butterfly gold collection!

  4. Great!! The frames I bought were 16x20, the tea towels are rather large, which is cool!

    Thanks! My heart was won over by BG, so cute!

  5. You have a nice collection of BFG going there! I picked up a few pieces here and there and plan to look for more this summer.
    Good idea on framing the tea towels!

  6. Love all the BFG!! And those tea towels are adorable!

  7. I got two Butterprint tea towels for my birthday and LOVE them. I admit they get use in my kitchen though! They are great for taking rolls someplace and when letting bread rise.