Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Pyrex-iversary to Me!

Hey friends! It's Brittany. I have some new thrifted pieces to share sometime soon, but wanted to post this first.

Last year I made a perpetual calendar similar to this one on which I jot down a few things I did that day (along with any major happenings like engagements, birthdays, & such). I love being able to look back and remember exactly what I did one year prior. But sadly. sometimes I fall behind on writing on it. As I was writing in the past week, I noticed this entry:

Note my awesome tea towel from Fresh Pastry Stand peeking in :)
In case you can't read it, it says "January 26, 2012: Started my Pyrex butterprint collection."

So I guess that means that my one year Pyrex-iversary just passed! (Is it sad/too weird that I wish I had known this on the actual date so that I could have gone shopping for Pyrex and baked a cake in one of my pieces? Haha!)

Anyway, just had to share and laugh--I was so naive then and actually thought I'd limit myself to just Butterprint! As if, me from a year ago! Though I started off with some restraint and only purchased two Butterprint pieces, a #472 casserole and #442 Cinderella bowl, in April the bug hit me hard and I started searching thrifts & antique malls for affordable pieces. That led to some Early American, Square Flowers, Friendship, Butterfly Gold, Gooseberry, and more, plust lots of drooling over my computer screen--I even created a board on Pinterest to house my eye candy. 

And then I headed back to Missouri for the summer and had way more stores around, so my collection grew exponentially! After being around so much Pyrex (most far too expensive) I was able to curate my taste a little more. I found that I prefer casseroles in general, but love almost all of promotional pieces (especially those with decorated lids!). But of course I can't pass up Pyrex if it's a good deal in good condition.

As it stands now, half of my collection is in Montana (where I'm living until May when my husband graduates) and the other half is in Missouri, including some awesome promo pieces I received for Christmas, a 4 piece orange butterprint I scored for $25 off of Craigslist, and the Golden Bouquet casserole I bought online and had shipped there (one less piece of Pyrex for me to worry about breaking in the moving van = a happy me). I miss my Missouri Pyrex, but can only imagine how awesome it'll be once all my pieces are united! I'll have so many pictures to share of my Christmas/Craigslist finds and my whole display.

I just wanted to express a little gratitude here, too--I love having this blog to talk to others who understand Pyrex Love without thinking I'm nuts :) I spread my addiction to 2 friends and my husband is supportive of my love, but still, I think the Collective is vital for me! I've made a few awesome trades from here, and I like living vicariously through you all, too--so keep on sharing your finds, please! :)

Okay, enough of my Pyrex retrospective. Anyone else out there know when your Pyrex-iversary is and have the urge to throw yourself a party like me? ;)


  1. What a fun calendar! I don't know the exact date I started amassing the Pyrex, but I like to think of every day as a celebration of using it ;) Your collection is great (LOVE the Friendship dishes...) and I'm sure your reunion will be sweet once all of your pieces are together!

  2. Happy Pyrex-iversary Brittany! My first piece was bought in July of 2010. Aaaaaah, orange New Dots! How I will never forget you:-)

    Aren't we just a bunch of crazy weirdos? Imagining, getting sentimental over a piece of kitchenware?


  3. You have a really nice collection! I started collecting Pyrex this past September not sure of the date though. Can't wait till you bring all of your pyrex together!

  4. I do! I bought a whole set of Primary bowls on 9/24/11. I only know that because I blogged about it here:

    I can't believe that was just a year and a half ago- I've learned (and collected) so much more since then, thanks to this site.

  5. I've picked up pieces over the years, and have always enjoyed the vintage pyrex, but my full blown obsession started in 2011, much to my husband's dismay. He doesn't understand why we need one more mixing bowl, when our kitchen is already too crowded!

  6. Mine is coming up, maybe March? But unsure of the exact date. First piece was a pink daisy divided casserole, and I (foolishly) though I'd only collect pink!!!

  7. Mine is coming up in August. And I hadn't thought about it, but I'm so going to bake a cake in one of my pieces just for the special occasion! It's great that we can all be Pyrex spazs without fear of judgement! Happy Pyrex-iversary!!!!!

  8. Mine is sometime in the summer, but it's been so long, I don't have an exact date. It's not too late for celebrations for you. Enjoy the Pyrex you have on hand until you can reunite your whole collection.

  9. You have orange butterprint!? JEALOUS! Happy Pyrex-versary to youuu! :)

  10. Your pictures are beautiful!
    I started sometime last February and wondering if I can hunt down the date on my blog. I think it was before Valentine's Day because I remember wanting to go to an antique shop with my husband that day! Time has flown and the Pyrex has amassed!

  11. I love vintage dishes! They have so much character. It also reminds me of being at my great grandmother's house! So lovely!

  12. My date was November 3, 2011. I will always be able to remember it because it was the day before my nephew graduated from basic training as a Marine. My sister came to pick me up to go to the ceremony and she brought me my first set of Pyrex. The spring blossom mixing bowls. I've been hooked ever since.