Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Peak at my Pyrex, gifted and found.

Hey everyone! Tasha here from Flour Mayhem, just a few photos of some sweet finds and gifts that I've added to my collection over the last few weeks. I hope you all have had great luck in your Pyrex hunting, as well as a safe and happy holiday season.

I also moved things around and did some re arranging so I could get to everything as easily as possible. I know it looks crazy, but I know exactly where everything is when I want it ;) This is the majority of my "collection", minus some mugs and other random pieces I have around the house . 

Thanks for looking! 

- Tasha 


  1. You have some nice pieces there - nice collection!

  2. Oh wow that collection is amazing! Great finds all around.

  3. Keep up the good work! You have a great collection that you should be proud of. Love the photo with the vintage blow molds.


  4. You have a great collection! I see some items in there that I have been drooling over lately.