Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flea Market Magic!

Hello everyone!
I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm Sam, the happy go lucky young Pyrex-er out in Minnesota.
I am also a proud member of my HS marching band. Today was our band breakfast. After breakfasting and playing songs for the diners for an hour, my Grandparents and I went to a local indoor flea market.
Normally, this flea has NO good Pyrex - it is usally very beat up, icky in general, or high priced.
Come to think of it, even the bad stuff is over priced.
Anyway, I browsing and looking at some stuff when a booth full of random junk caught my eye.
I like random junk!
Then I saw a Pyrex bowl amongst all the miscellaneous flea market fodder.
I ran over to investigate.
Imagine my surprise when I saw the Butterprint ORANGE pattern on the bowl!
Then imagine the shock when I found it was the complete set!
Then imagine the heart failure I almost had when I saw the price! $25!!!
Now, I know many of you are thinking - buy the freaking bowls and run before your arch-nemsis dealer/picker comes and spots them and buys them out from under you!!
But you would be forgetting that I have a severe hatred of paying full retail price for anything.
NOW... guess how much I managed to get these bowls for?
$15!! For the set!! For 4 perfect Orange Butterprint cinderella bowls!! AHHHHHH!!!!
That purchase secured, I decided to finish the rounds.
Did I mention I love the color orange?
As I turn the corner to visit the booth of the crazy old junk lady (she's a flea market regular), I spot a pair of men snapping up all the Pyrex the crazy old junk lady has.
I again run over to investigate - and clutch on to a lidless orange fridgie!
I know, I know, it has no lid - but orange Pyrex?!? How often do you find it?
And I got it for $1.
It also makes a handy utensil holder for my eBay desk.
I thought I would also discuss the Snowflake Pyrex that I got last summer.
A white baker with no lid came from an antique shop - around $4.
A charcoal snowflake with lid came from a garage sale - around $2.
And A divided dish came from another antique shop - around $4.
Guess those Pyrex gods were smiling on me today!
I was going to post pictures, but the blasted Blogspot thingy is being very difficult and won't let me. I'll try later.
Happy Pyrex-ing,
With warm wishes from Minnesota,


  1. I love orange~wish you had pictures. You got a great deal!!

  2. I have never ever seen the orange butterprint in the wild, hopefully someday!