Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Pyrex & Winter Blues

I was playing with my Pyrex at Christmas and came up with a little shelf I was happy with.  I just put together some reds, greens, blues and snowflakes and was happy enough with it :) Sorry about the picture quality, I was trying to use the panoramic feature on my phone!

A few of my favorite pieces were on this shelf.  I love my green dots bowl.  I won that off of a poorly labeled E-bay auction. I think its title was "pyrex bowl". I also adore my 024 bowls.  I want every color they made, lol.  They are so practical and pretty, especially when stacked with other bright colors!

Christmas came and left and I knew I wanted something else before going back to mismatched pieces everywhere.  I decided to go with a blue winter theme! Several of my favorite pieces were included in this and one of my most favorites was in the fridge when I took the picture!  I adore my Saxony piece with all my heart.  It was an Etsy buy but with shipping it cost me less than $20.  I would pay more for that in a store so I was thrilled to find one randomly like that.  I also love the Bluebird piece.  That was a birthday gift from a friend who collects Pyrex.  She even gave me her extra lid so as to not gift it without one...that's true friendship right there ;)  The tulip piece is another winner for me! A sweet woman in our church saw it while shopping in Branson with her friends.  She text me and showed the me the picture and said it was $15 and asked if I wanted it.  Um, YESSSSSS!  I am so grateful I have friends looking out for me and my Pyrex :)  I have the Butterprint bowl set that is near and dear to me because my husband bought it for me for Christmas a few Christmases ago.  He was so proud of his find!  I also love my little turquoise 024! I found that while wasting time in my hometown when we went to visit for Christmas. It was $8 and in lovely condition. Last but not least is my sweet little balloon bowl.  It's got quite a bit of irreversible wear and tear on it but a friend found it and sent it to me for my birthday.  I had no idea she even knew it was my birthday so to send a gift so precious was well appreciated!

The piece I mentioned that was in the fridge is this one:

The blue barcode.  Be still my beating heart.  All in that picture were found while on vacation in Seattle.  The two 024s were actually a Craigslist find while we were there. We drove to meet the sweet lady at her apartment.  The prices were right and as I said, I love that style.  I had hoped to find more in thrift stores but everything I did see was something I either had or didn't care for.  We hit up a flea market that had a beautiful small display of Pyrex.  Prices were a big higher then I would ever pay at home but I was upset I would be flying home without anything so I bit the bullet and paid for the barcode dish. It was "only" $35 but to see it in the wild and in such great shape (and not to mention we saved a lot of money for this trip and didn't seem to spend much of it) I couldn't leave it behind.  The carafe was from another seller in the same little store and was marked a measly $5.  

So there you have a bit of my holiday Pyrex and a glimpse into my collection.  

With Love and Pyrex,

Meg B :)


  1. You're lucky you have friends who understand your Pyrex love. None of my friends understand....they think I'm crazy:) Love that barcode blue.

  2. I REALLY need new friends ;) Seriously, how sweet that you have people keeping an eye out for pyrex they think you might like. Love the blue stripe pattern, it is beautiful!

  3. You really have a nice collection going. So nice to have such friends.

  4. I would like to know if my new pieces with lids are rare

  5. Blue with hearts on lid. Trying to access F B Account