Saturday, January 12, 2013

On a hot streak!

Oh yeah! Susie QT here from Practice in Time.

Hot on the heels of my post on Thursday, where I snagged two Butterprint 503s, a 502 and a Flamingo baker, I scored again!

This time I went back to the same thrift store- they were having a sale on kids clothing- and got a bunch of clothes. I usually never thrift on Saturday- the thrifts are crowded and picked over- but it was the only day of the sale, so I went. I figured I might find some more from the Butterprint set! But it was not to be. No Pyrex at all! I did get plenty of clothes for my son for $1 each though, and a killer Harris Tweed jacket for my Etsy store...

But you all have spoiled me. Now if I don't find Pyrex, I'm all depressed!

So on my way home I stopped at the local Sally Ann. I hate this store- it is huge, but hardly has any housewares. Plus it's crowded and I hardly ever go there. But every once in a while I do and sometimes I score big!

There in the back of the store, sitting all by itself on a nearly empty shelf was this beauty:

A turquoise 503 with old style lid, in mint condition! For $4.99? Yes!
It's my first solid turquoise piece, but will go just fine with my Butterprint and Starburst promo space saver.

So if you're keeping track at home, that's 3 turquoise/Butterprint 503s thrifted in less than 3 days. Let's hope the hot streak continues!


  1. Wow! Excellent find! I'm seriously envious of that one, turquoise is a long time guest on my wish list but as of yet hasn't show up haha

  2. That's amazing. I would LOVE the pink fridge set and turq set as well. I've never seen them in person...only pictures!

    Meg B

  3. Good score - and it definitely matches the Butterprint! Don't you love it when you just feel like you 'have' to go into another store to check out what they have ;)

  4. Yahoo for you! This is a special find for sure. Hope your good luck holds!