Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Display = Snowflakes

I had to bring the snow to me since we don't get it here. Feel free to send me some. In the meantime I display my snowflakes (minus the black) to bring a little snow to SoCal.

Simple but effective. I love my little shelving unit I got out of someones trash.

Do you "dumpster dive?"  Ever find any Pyrex?

If you don't have snow you can see some at treasures my husband hates.



  1. Nice cabinet to display things, I love it! I dumpster dive only if I see anything worth stopping for. My father picked up this vintage jewelry/knife display table and gave it to my looks like it has never been used! Some people throw out things that are still good.
    I have not found Pyrex, wouldn't that be something!

  2. I have a lot of things I found "curb shopping" - if you follow my blog I did a whole series of posts (once/wk) on things I trash picked. I did find Pyrex one time in a farmer's trash pile out in the woods. That was before I collected, so I left it there. I think it was a 1.5 pt casserole without the lid, and not a really collectible pattern... it actually might still be there. Maybe I will have to go back and find it this summer!

  3. You have a nice gathering of Snowflakes there! And I really like your shelves too!

  4. I like the shelf. Don't dumpster dive anymore. Will stop & pick if there's a box of stuff, but no actual hardcore dumpster diving. Never found Pyrex! Met other dumpster divers who (claimed) to find gold jewelry, money & lots of other stuff. One lady had found jars & jars & jars of pennies.

  5. If I found even a single piece of Pyrex in the dumpster, you would have a hard time keeping me out of them!

    Love your Snowflake display. It is perfect for Winter.


  6. Love the winter display :P We actually had a white Christmas this year! Wish I could have sent you some!

    Meg B