Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh, My!

My "Pyrexing" has slowed down a bit as the items on my list have been found.  I only have a few things I'm specifically looking for...but every once in awhile you come across something special.  Something you thought you'd never find or fell in love with once you saw it.  I had both those instances happen yesterday. 

I have "a piece of Friendship" on my wish list.  I didn't really care what, just a piece of it.  I've only seen a couple things ever...and they were in antique shops for outrageous prices.....until now.  I walked into the antique dealer that buys from me to sell a few things.  I had every intention of taking my cash and putting it towards the family budget  until I came face to face with this....

I couldn't believe it was only $15, with the lid!  I took the cash I made and purchased this amazing fridgie!

Then I stopped at Goodwill and found something I've seen but didn't know I'd love until I saw it there all perfect and shiny....

It was a good day in the land of Pyrex.
Here's where my new pieces made their homes:
In my kitchen shelves

In my laundry room
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  1. I love all your blues and pinks!

  2. Totally swooning over the friendship fridge dish! I've only ever seen the nesting bowls. It looks great with your display.

  3. Oh my the turquoise scroll!! I want one!!! and the friendship, great finds!

  4. How wonderful! What great deals and finds :)

  5. These are pretty exciting finds! I felt the same way about friendship - any piece would make me swoon. I stumbled onto 4 pieces at a thrift store for $10 a piece, and even though they weren't a total thrift store steal - I grabbed those beauties and ran :) I haven't seen the blue scroll for a good price either, very good score!

  6. Oh man, I want that Saxony sitting in your laundry room, what a pretty collection!
    Nice Finds,

  7. Friendship really is one of the prettiest patterns - great find!

  8. Score for you! I'm a little envious of the Friendship fridgie! Any piece of Friendship is also on my wishlist. I love my turquoise scroll - that was my first Pyrex piece and it's the one that got me hooked. Yours looks like it's in really good shape.

  9. Thanks ladies. It's fun to share with people who understand! Hope you all find those big wish list items too!