Tuesday, June 12, 2012

another set

i've blogged before about my difficulties finding pyrex because of where i live (in manitoba) but today, i felt like one of you! :)

i had been driving through winnipeg and happened by a salvation army so i figured i may as well stop in and take a peek to see if i could find pyrex. well, today must have been my lucky day because i turned the corner and there was some beautiful butterfly gold calling my name! i couldn't believe my luck because i had just recently decided that i needed to be more picky with what pyrex i purchase and, as i wrote about on this post in may, butterfly gold was one of them!

i grabbed all four dishes quickly without checking their prices because i was just too excited to have found them. it turns out that they were a great deal--all four of them for $17 (at least for me, and the prices i've been seeing lately, that's a steal).

(i know, i know, never stack your pyrex in this manner but it was the best way to photograph them!)

(perfect fit)

what is also a little unusual, is that the markings on the bottom of the 441 are actually different than the exact same 441 i already owned. i'm wondering if that is simply because they were manufactured in different eras?

after grabbing my new set, i decided to wander around the store a bit more and on one of their shelves near the cash register was a hodge podge of items, one of which was this beautiful pyrex england dish (it is similar in size to an 043 casserole). i've never seen this pattern anywhere before and know nothing of its name but it sure is a beauty!


  1. Congrats on your find! I've got quite the little collection of Pyrex going, but never come across butterfly gold. Which is so so wierd!
    Happy for you,

  2. Your lucky day!! Butterfly Gold is a nice pattern!!

  3. I think that was a great find, butterfly gold is a pattern that has really grown on me, and your set looks like it is in great condition! and wow, that english piece is amazing, very cool design

  4. You're so lucky! My friend and I went thrifting, and found one turquouse casserole (very small, no lid) for me, and a small pink gooseberry cassetole for her, with lid! But when we went searching around for more... I heard a crash!! Well, no we are both missing lids... Poor girl! Be careful after you get a great find... And maybe use a cart :) congrats!

  5. awesome find! I too live in Manitoba!! so excited to see someone else on here from our lovely province - you interested in trading?

  6. Beautiful! I love that set.

  7. @periwinkle, that's awesome! i was hoping to someday find a fellow manitoba on here. :) yes, i'd definitely be interested in a trade. i'll send you an e-mail shortly...

  8. Love the English one! I like Butterfly Gold too. That is a great deal for all 4.

  9. I recently thrifted that SAME piece of Pyrex here in Alberta! Hopefully someone has some more info about it!