Friday, June 1, 2012

Picking in Paradise

Initiating my interest in pyrex was my grandmother's tradition of making & baking delicious meals with her turquoise butterprint mixing bowls. Until recently, collecting didn't cross my mind. However, after seeing a very impressive photo online of the turquoise collection (mixed patterns), my grandmother very graciously gifted me her near perfect bowls-- and so the adventure began!

Picking the local thrift shops and antique stores in Syracuse, NY has been hit or miss. But my recent trip to Paradise, Pennsylvania proved very fruitful!!

Day 1: Pyrex Paradise

As pictured above, this is an original metal pyrex display, adorned with yelows & greens... and a few others. Begrudgingly, I have limited myself to collecting only turquoise and so these are still out in the wild ( my mom collects pink, too). This is just one of the several pyrex-pushing merchants in Paradise. Hunting for more pieces? This is the place to go. Markets and shops on every corner. And, I loved every minute of it... after all, "There's only one PYREX WARE".

Day 2: On a Vintage Rumspringa

I found a fuzzy friend in neighboring Intercourse, Pennsylvania. He didn't lead me to any additional pyrex, but I think I did well enough on my own. My collection is up to about 40-45 pieces now! Still looking for an amish butter dish, dip bowl & metal hanger. Also, would love to have more square/rectangle casseroles. Can't have enough!

Next trip: Corning, NY - The birth place of Pyrex. Keep you posted!


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  1. What a sweet grandma! I'm sure you'll cherish those forever. And, I'm thinking it must be a Paradise thing, because Paradise, CA is known for its antique malls and thrift stores. I found some great pieces there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting post! I'm curious about what the prices were like in "Paradise"! You are strong to be able to stick to just one color! I don't think I could do it. Thanks for sharing! Erica :)

  3. I'd love to see some pictures of your collection!

  4. Thanks Lesley!

    Erica, the prices were all across the board. The flea markets were more reasonable, got a turquoise snowflake utility dish for $10...and a pink gooseberry casserole for my mom for $8. Got a full butterprint refrigerator set for $30 at one antique mall (plus 20% off)! I thought that was great.

    However, other antique stores were pricey- a solid turquoise large refrigerator dish for $24, and one small fridgie for $10. $90 for primary mixing bowls. Passed on all of those.

    Nicole, thank you! I will post a new blog with my collection :)

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