Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Ongoing Turquoise Collection

Trying my best to stick to one color, I have finally accumulated a rather substantial sized collection (some primary blue pieces have snuck in, but I feel bad leaving them behind at the thrift stores when they are a great price...). My mother's collection of Syracuse China used to sit in these cabinets, but they were evicted :)

Cabinet 1: Top shelf- 2 full butterprint refrigerator sets, 3 primary blue loafs. Middle shelf- butterprint mixing bowls and cinderella bowls, with two mini casseroles in primary blue tucked in the middle. Bottom shelf- large primary blue cinderella, a primary small casserole, small primary blue bowl, 2 butterprint mixing bowls, three white pie plates.

Cabinet 2: Top shelf- set of 8 juice glasses that match my collection perfectly (not sure of brand), Middle shelf- set of 7 dessert bowls. 6 soup bowls, 4 teacups, 6 saucers. Bottom shelf- 9 salad plates, 6 dinner plates. I'll probably shoot for a complete set of 10...

Cabinet 3: Top shelf- 4 butterprint casseroles, 1 mini fridgie and 1 spare lid. Middle shelf- 2 snowflake utilities, 2 snowflake divided casseroles. Bottom shelf- chip bowl, snowflake casserole, and a white promotional casserole w turquoise pattern.

Hope you enjoyed! If anyone is interested in trades- I would consider parting with the primary blue pieces. I want to stick to turquoise. Looking for butter dish, dip bowl w hanger, and more utilities.

I'll post my mom's pink collection next time :)


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  1. Very nice collection and I love how you have them displayed!

    --Erin {}

  2. Gasp!!! You have such a nice collection, and have them displayed beautifuly! Great job!
    Erica :)