Friday, June 15, 2012

More Pyrex I left for you.

Wanna see what I left for all of you? Doing my part to have good Pyrex Karma I left a bunch this month for you to find.One the downside I really haven't found much for myself, except an under-plate to a butter dish, wawhoo (unenthusiastically said wawhoo).

If you like Butterfly gold and Woodland you are in luck! I left these 2 beauties on the shelves for you.

To find out where they are and how much, come over to treasures my husband hates.


  1. Woodland is my new favorite! I love the deep brown color. I picked up the #401 and #403 bowls at an estate sale (at 50% off) today. Do you happen to know why some PYREX bowls have the two side lips? handles? Just wondering...

  2. The cinderella mixing bowls have the side handles, I call them ears :) I think it makes it easier to hold when mixing, and I'm not sure if this was intended, but look closely- one ear is bigger. I think it's for pouring out batter. Just my guess!