Sunday, June 24, 2012

Six months of Pyrex

I got my first piece of Pyrex last Christmas (since my mom knew I was gushing over pictures of Butterprint online) and have since accumulated quite a bit of it. Most of it is currently in my bedroom (of my parent's house) where it will be living safe and sound for the next 2 years while I am doing my thing in the Peace Corps in Senegal. I think I'll have to cram the smallest Butterprint casserole in my luggage, since i have 2, so I don't miss my Pyrex too much.
As you can see by my wall color and the majority of my Pyrex I'm pretty obsessed with turquoise. This is the majority of my collection, though I also have a chemex and a few pieces of butterfly gold and spring blossom down in the kitchen for everyday use while I'm home. Sometimes I end up hauling things down to the kitchen when I need them anyway. As you can see on the bottom shelf a few blue heaven fire king pieces sneaked in. My grandma found them in her basement, along with a dandelion server, woodlands casserole with lid, and the large oval butterfly gold casserole.

I made a lucky new acquisition today after a horrible day of yard sale failure yesterday. This morning I hit the savers closest to my house and only found a spring blossom Pyrex tea cup and a dainty 5 oz custard cup. I then found nothing at a half dozen other thrifts and antique stores when finally, at the last one, I came across these:
Sorry that the lighting is terrible. The set of 2 was only $12, which is at the high range of what I like to pay and the top bowl looked like it might be faded at first glance, but it still looked very shiny despite a few scratches. Then I all of a sudden remembered that they were from the blue Americana set which was made in a gradient of blue! Once I realized what I was looking at I snatched it up and tried not to look too excited. It definitely made all the searching/failing worth it. Now I'm going to have to keep an eye out for the big bowl. I need to start completing mixing bowl sets instead of starting new ones!


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  1. Your Blue Americana are so cute! I think I need to hunt some down! Good job!
    Erica :)